Bank of America

Bank of America, while the roots go back to the Bank of Italy in 1904, was only established in 1998, after some mergers and acquisitions had taken place.  Although relatively new, Bank of America is one of the largest banks in the US, both in terms of assets, as well as total revenue

Bank of America Accounts

There are several types of bank accounts offered by Bank of America, in the checking account category, they offer two main checking accounts:

  • Bank of America MyAccess Checking
  • Bank  of America Advantage with Tiered Interest Checking

While both of these are great options if you are looking for a more basic checking, the Bank  of America MyAccess account is the one for you.

When it comes to savings accounts, there are a few more options.  You can choose from:

  • Bank of America Platinum Money  Market Savings Account
  • Bank of America Personal Money Market Savings Account
  • Regular Savings Account
  • Custodial Savings Account

The first option is only available for those whose balances make them eligible, however the other 3 are for any Bank of America account holders.  The last option, the Custodial Savings account is for those who are setting up a savings account to save for a child’s future.

Bank of America Online

Bank of America offers online banking to their customers, and they have put extensive work into making their website convenient and user friendly.  With online banking you are able to access your Bank of America accounts from anywhere, and at anytime.

To manage your accounts online you will use your Bank of America login, which is something that you set up when you first begin your online banking.  You will login, and then have a selection of options for managing your bank accounts.  From basic transferring of funds between your Bank of America accounts, to paying your bills, all of this can be done with one simple login.

Most people find that using their Bank of America login is great for keeping track of their payment history, as well as setting up future payments so that you do not incur late fees.

There are many other great features of Bank of America online, and you can find them all when you login to your account.